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Plastic anchors

are used for fixing of thermal insulation panels to a base (walls, most commonly). They are also used for additional fixing of already sealed thermal insulation panels to a solid base (brick, concrete, blocks, etc.). They are driven through the panel or layers of panels (depending on the technique the operator may choose), while the panels are supported by perforated circular pads (anchor heads with recommended diameter of 60 mm). The recommended anchoring depth varies between 40-50 mm, depending on the type of the base where thermal insulation panels are to be fixed. Length of plastic anchors will depend on the thickness of thermal insulation panels, since they are manufactured according to various dimensions. Depending on the place of mounting, average consumption varies from between 4-6 pieces/m² on flat and unexposed surfaces up to 10-12 pieces/m² on angles exposed to wind impact. Quality of plastic anchors depends to a great extent on the materials used for their manufacture.

EU Standard ETAG 014 (CE mark for plastic anchors) stipulates quality parameters of plastic anchors for fixing of thermal insulation panels.

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Circular Pad

is intended for mechanical fixing of thermal insulation panels, while using self-tapping screws or screws for wood. It is used for surfaces like OSB panels, plywood or metal panels. Due to its shape, it can be used at places that are difficult to reach. In combination with corresponding bolts, it provides safe anchoring into the base panel.

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