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Questions & answers

Questions & answers

1. Why is it necessary to insulate a building?

The main reason is to save money! High-quality building insulation may save you up to 40% of energy, and reduce your utilities bill accordingly. You will have a quick return on your investment in façade mounting.

2. Does it pay off to take a loan for a new façade?

Definitely! The interest rate on even the least attractive loan is much lower than the percentage of savings that the thermal insulation will bring you. You will definitely save money!

3. What is optimal thickness of thermal insulation panels (thickness of insulation)?

Due to depletion of global energy resources (oil, gas…), the prices are rising each year. Energy resources should be used sparingly. More savings are achieved by mounting thicker thermal insulation panels. This trend resulted in optimal thickness of thermal insulation panels for our local climatic conditions of currently 10cm - 12cm, and this trend is on the rise. The investment is somewhat higher, but the saving is much more substantial.

4. How to choose high-quality materials for facades?

The safest way to check the quality of materials is to ask for quality certificates that accompany these products and for the names of the authorities that have issued them.

5. Is it cost-effective to buy a facade system?

Certainly. If you buy a complete facade system, you will also receive multi-annual warranty for the same façade system. You should always inquire about the components that are incorporated in individual façade systems.

6. How important it is to choose the right operator for mounting of the facade?

Same as the materials, façade operators should also be chosen among those possessing certificates for façade mounting. The certificate is also a guarantee that the façade operator has attended the training for façade mounting. It is also wise to check the reference list of buildings on which the façade operators have been engaged.

7. Is it necessary to install all façade elements?

Yes, it is. Each façade element has its role in enhancing thermal insulation, hydro-insulation and soundproofing characteristics of the façade. The better the façade characteristics, the more durable the façade and the whole building shall be. Mounting of all façade components will ensure completely comfortable living in high-quality insulated buildings.