NIP Spasić

Initial aluminium profiles

aluminium beads are used for protection, support and to form an initial line for mounting of thermal insulation panels during façade works. The dimensions are in line with thicknesses of thermal insulation panels. The beads are levelled using spirit level and then fixed to the base (windows, usually) with anchors. In addition to mechanical protection of the façade, they make mounting of thermal insulation panels significantly easier and faster. The quality of initial aluminium profiles depends on the quality and thickness of aluminium being used.

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provide uniform setting of initial aluminium profiles on uneven surfaces. They speed up the work and reduce consumption of expensive materials (skimming paste, etc.).

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Movement beads (Expansion joints)

are intended for quick connecting of initial aluminium profiles while providing at the same time easier levelling of initial profiles ensuring that all connected profiles are in the same plain (when checked by spirit level).

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