NIP Spasić

Energy Efficiency

If you wish to:

  • save electricity, gas and other utilities
  • spend your money in a rational manner and still make some savings
  • make your home a more pleasant and comfortable place to live in
  • pay less tax
  • enhance lifetime of your buildings
  • mitigate CO2 emissions up to 30%
  • contribute to preservation of ozone layer

We have a solution.

As a token of good cooperation, NIP SPASIĆ Company offers its tradition, references, professional approach and high-quality service. You are welcome to join us in our efforts to accomplish a healthier and more comfortable living.


Installing of thermal insulation facade systems provides a simple and durable solution for thermal insulation of your buildings. Contemporary living demands energy efficiency improvements and one of the major priorities is rational utilization of utilities by end- users.

A house can be compared to a human organism. Good-quality and warm clothes keep us healthy. Your own residential or business area is also a “living” organism. When you insulate outdoor walls of your building, you create the conditions for a cosier, more comfortable and healthier living.

According to the statistics, high-quality insulation may reduce the heat losses up to 40%. A wise choice of all components of thermal insulation façade systems is therefore essential, same as the selection of a team made up of certified and well-trained professionals. NIP SPASIĆ Company insists on careful planning of each step: from choice of components up to their installation.


The syntagm that is often used today illustrates a simple life policy: a more efficient use and savings in electric power utilization. The most efficient way to achieve energy efficiency is by placing thermal insulation on buildings and utilization of THERMAL INSULATION FAÇADE SYSTEMS.


Proper choice of high-quality profiles for façade systems warrants a high-quality and efficient thermal insulation. Although high-quality products are more costly, one should have in mind that the savings shall be higher and the rate of return of the investment several times faster, too.

Therefore, when you decide on the type of thermal insulation façade system to install, there is a variety of materials where you cannot go wrong! Products of renowned manufacturers with a long tradition are the best choice. Quality of their products is supported by respective certificates issued by accredited laboratories.

Sounds complicated? Not really. Let us summarize: energy-efficient buildings mean less power consumption, less taxes, more savings and a more comfortable life…Does anybody need any other reason for making the right choice?